Mika gave birth two her "A" litter on August 1st, 2019.

As of December 2020, we have no puppies or planned litters


Before you are approved for purchase, a $350 deposit is due.

Once approved, the Purchase Agreement/Terms of Sale form must be completed.

If you would like more information please fill out our questionnaire or contact us.



The cost of purchasing a puppy is $1250

Click Here to Make a $350 Deposit on your dog. This deposit is nonrefundable. It will be deducted from the final cost of your dog.

Purchase Agreement/Puppy Contract will include a health guarantee as well as warranty, a vaccine clause, neutering/spaying clause, breeding clause, first right of refusal, and so on.

To see a complete copy of the Purchase Agreement, please contact Krijger Hondenkennels.



Super Dog Protocol is essentially early neurological stimulation for newborn puppies. It was originally created by the US military to improve the performance of their K-9s' in adulthood. The Super Dog Protocol exposes puppies stimulus that they would not normally receive. 
Benefits of Super Dog Protocol include improved cardiovascular performance, stronger adrenal glands, higher tolerance to stress, and more resistance to disease.


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